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There are six different Indians Cultures in Panama, each with its own practices and ancestral customs.

Each province of Panama has a varied Folklore reflected through its dances, music and cuisine. In the provinces of Cocle, Herrera and Los Santos, churches are found on the main town square (Plaza) as was the Spanish tradition. On the provinces of Coclé, Herrera and Los Santos the Catholic religion has been established for ages, which is clearly reflected by the community. Patron Saint celebrations and Religious Holidays are habitually commemorated with processions, especially during lent or in the week before Easter, when the passion and death of Jesus Christ is being represented. Nata, one of the oldest colonial cities, boasts the oldest church of the American Continent.

One of the yearly festive highlights is Carnival, celebrated throughout the country in the month of February. Celebrations are characterized by the typical dances of each region, cavalcades, religious expressions, local weddings, chariot’s parades and lots of typical food. Carnival is a four-day fiesta with dancing, parades and fun. The most famous Carnival parties are held in Las Tablas and in Penonomé, the latter one celebrated on the waters of the River Las Mendozas, and they all present luxury costumes and fireworks.



Updated: 9 May 2008

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