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Honduras has mostly a Spanish culture today but both Native American and Spanish ways of living can still be seen in Hondura's agriculture methods. Native folklore, folk music, and dances are still performed by a small portion of the population, but primarily Honduras is a Spanish culture.

Many colonial buildings show strong Native American influences combined with baroque, Renaissance, and Moorish styles imported by the Spanish. With the exception of a few isolated Native American settlements where ancient languages and customs have been preserved, Honduras is primarily a Spanish culture today. The marimba is the most popular instrument and forms the core of many bands. Native folklore, folk music, and dances are limited, and artistic activity is concentrated around the School of Fine Arts in Comayagua, the old capital. In northwestern Honduras lies Copán, a ceremonial center of the Old Empire of the Maya and one of the most important archaeological sites in the western hemisphere.*

*Source: Permanent Mission of Honduras to the OAS.



Updated: 30 April 2008


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