DR. LEO S. ROWE (1920-1946)
General Director of the Pan American Union


Leo Stanton Rowe was born in Mc. Gregor Iowa, on September 17, 1871. Louis U. Rowe was the name of his Father. He graduated from Philadelphia Central High School in 1887, and in 1890 he obtain a Bachelor degree of Philosophy. He traveled to Germany, Austria, France, Italy and England. He taught in the University of Pennsylvania of Public Right, Municipal Government and political sciences. In 1900 he joined the commission which revised the laws of Puerto Rico. President of the American Academy of Political Science. Delegate of United States to the 3rd Pan-American Conference (Rio de Janeiro, 1906) after that, he went to South America for a year and a half.

Other positions: Delegate to the 1st. Pan-American Scientific Congress, (1908-9); General Secretary of the Pan-American Financial Conference (1915); in charge of the State Department (1915); General Director of the Pan-American Union (1920). Author of many informs, magazine articles and monographs, some of them: "Federal System on the Argentine Republic" (1920), "The United States and Puerto Rico" (1904), "Problems of City Government (1908). He died the 5 of december of 1946.


Extracted from:  The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography
New York, James T. White and Co., 1922. Vol.18.  316 p