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Sons and daughters of St. Lucia.
Love the Land that gave us birth.
Land of beaches, hills and valleys.
Fairest Isle of all the earth.
Where so-ev-er you may roam
Love, oh love, our is-land home.

Gone the times when nations battled
For this 'Helen of the West'!
Gone the days when strife and discord
Dimmed her children's toil and rest
Dawns at last a brighter day
Stretches out a glad, new way.

May the Good Lord bless our island
Guard her sons from woe and harm!
May our people live united,
Strong in soul, and strong in arm,
Justice, Truth and Charity
Our Ideal forever be!.

"The National Symbols of Saint Lucia", 2nd edition. Published by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Labour, Government of Saint Lucia.  Print by: Voice Publishing Co. (1953) Ltd. Information Provided by the Permanent Mission of Saint Lucia to the OAS.


Updated: 12 May 2008