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Package of essentials for addressing violence against women

  • 3 diciembre 2018
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Package of essentials for addressing violence against women

UN Women provides knowledge-based policy and programming guidance to a diverse array of stakeholders at international, regional and country levels often partnering with other UN agencies and stakeholders. UN Women’s work is broadly focused on a comprehensive approach to ending violence against women and girls that addresses legislation and policies, prevention, services for survivors, research and data.

The briefs included in this package aim to summarize in a concise and friendly way, for advocates, programmers and policy makers, the essential strategies for addressing violence against women. In addition to the general strategies, individual briefs have been developed with specific focus areas, including: prevention, services, the world of work, sports and media. The last brief includes a compilation of resources developed by UN Women and partners to end violence against women and girls.

To access the different briefs at UN Women Website please click here.

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