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IDB: Women’s Health Survey 2016 Jamaica, Published in 2018

IDB: Women’s Health Survey 2016 Jamaica, Published in 2018

The Women’s Health Survey (WHS) 2016 Jamaica, published two months ago, is the first annual Women’s Health Survey report for Jamaica and it is part of a larger collection of Inter-American Development Bank research on intimate partner violence (IPV) in the Caribbean. The study used a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods and demonstrated that IPV and violence against women and girls (VAWG) is prevalent in Jamaica.

Women with lower levels of education, who have been pregnant, who had a live-in relationship under 19-years old, and who whose partners used alcohol or recreational drugs had a higher prevalence for IPV.

The article linked below, by Ms. Therese Turner-Jones, General Manager of the Country Department Caribbean Group, summarizes the actions needed to prevent IPV and care for the victims. Some of these include:

  • The Government must use the WHS as a source of information to design public policies;
  • The WHS data can be used to address underlying social norms on IPV and violence against women and girls;
  • The current legal framework must be strengthened; and
  • Provide education and tools to women and families to help prevent violence and protect themselves.

Ms. Turner-Jones ends the article by stating:

“The WHS report highlights that women who experience violence at home normally turn to those closest to them. When it comes to VAWG and IPV, all of us must be prepared to be the best agents of change for our families and friends. Taking the stories of our loved ones seriously and ensuring their safety can literally save their lives.”

To read the WHS 2016 Jamaica report please see the pdf attached. To view the article by Ms. Turner Jones please see the link below.
The image is from the Turner-Jones article.

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