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Back to Office Report: Technical Exchange to The Dominican Republic - Belize Mission

  • 16 diciembre 2016
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Back to Office Report: Technical Exchange to The Dominican Republic - Belize Mission

As a direct result of a Technical Cooperation Agreement between the countries of Belize and The Dominican Republic, a Technical Exchange was conducted March 29th to April 2nd, 2016. This Back to Office Report summarizes the meeting, events and accomplishments during the visit of the Belize delegation.

The Belize Technical Exchange delegation was comprised of: Mrs. Nicole Haylock-Rodriguez (Deputy Coordinator of the National Security Council Secretariat, Ministry of National Security), Mr. Elvis Requeña (Programme Coordinator – Community Action for Public Safety Program, IDB), Mr. Jorge Villanueva (Officer Commanding – Joint Intelligence Coordinating Centre, Belize Police Department) and Ms. Cuffa Ramirez (Project Liaison Officer – InfoSegura Project).

Objectives of the Technical Exchange:

  • Observe the systematic and technical functions of observatories in the Dominican Republic
  • Pursue individual and collective development through the exchange of knowledge, skills, resources and technical expertise.
  • Increase analytical capacity to facilitate the development of Citizen Security oriented strategies for the National Crime Observatory, the Ministry of National Security and the   IPSMIS.

It is important to note that the objectives for this exchange, are harmonized with the United Nations guidelines for Technical Cooperation among Developing Nations and the InfoSegura Project mandate.

Institución:Goverment of Beize
Autor:Cuffa Ramirez – Project Liaison Officer

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