Social Promotion and Protection

IV Summit of the Americas

Mar del Plata, Argentina, November 4 - 5, 2005

The theme of the IV Summit of the Americas , “creating Jobs to Fight Poverty and Strengthen Democratic Governance” gave priority to the challenges of poverty and employment in the hemispheric agenda and strengthened the interdependence between democracy and development.

With regards to the challenges in development, the Declaration and Plan of Action of Mar del Plata gave specific guidelines on regional strategies to be implemented within the next years. Among other things, there is explicit recognition of the role played by micro, small and medium enterprises in job creation, growth and combat against poverty. There is also an acknowledgement of the need to implement integral policies that could lead to an institutionalization of the fight against poverty. The Heads of Government and State committed to follow-up and comply with the Millennium Development Goals and commended the OAS for the drafting in the Social Charter of the Americas and its Plan of Action. They also stressed the need for horizontal cooperation to comply with the mandates of this Summit and specifically requested the OAS to promote the exchange of practices throughout the region on policies and programs to combat poverty.

The Heads of Government and State also requested the Ministers and High Level Authorities of Social Development to consider the progress as regards the commitments included in the Plan of Action of Mar del Plata that pertain to the scope of their competencies at their First Inter-American Meeting, to be held in 2006.