Social Promotion and Protection

I Summit of the Americas

Miami, Florida, december 9 -11, 1994

The first Summit of the Americas was celebrated in Miami, Florida, USA in 1994. At this historic meeting delegations in attendance declared themselves to be strongly critical of the current situation of poverty and discrimination found among certain segments of the hemisphere's population. They noted that these tragic realities exclude a significant percentage of the population from the benefits of development. Heads of Government and State from the Western Hemisphere made a pact to eradicate poverty and discrimination.

Likewise, they pledged to invest in human capital so that each individual might have the opportunity to develop his or her personal potential more fully. In this sense, delegates agreed to endeavor to create employment opportunities that will improve income levels for the region's citizens. The Plan of Action of the first Summit of the Americas noted that due to the fact that large parts of the hemisphere's population have been unable to participate in the region's economy, nearly half of them live in poverty. Hence, the report from the Summit stressed the importance of greater economic participation by the hemisphere's poor. They called for greater access to productive resources, support for social security networks, and investment in human capital as mechanisms to eradicate poverty.

For the purpose of achieving these objectives, heads of government and state from the hemisphere reiterated their support for the strategies of the Compromiso de una Alianza etc adopted by the General Assembly of the OAS as well as by the 1995 World Summit on Social Development in Copenhagen. The strategies delineated in the Contract are seen as opportunities to speed the eradication of poverty.