Social Promotion and Protection

III Summit of the Americas

Québec, Canada, April 20 - 22, 2001

The third Summit of the Americas recognized the eradication of poverty and inequality as the most pressing challenge facing the hemisphere. The Declaration of Quebec established as a goal the reduction of poverty among those living in conditions of extreme economic privation by 50 percent by the year 2015. This aim, set forth by the international community at the Social Summit of Coppenhagen, was adopted at the third Summit of the Americas.

According to the Declaration of Quebec, the related foundations of democracy and economic and social development are fundamental to combating poverty and inequality.

The Plan of Action of Quebec explicitly established the need for governments to improve social security systems at the national and regional levels. Doing this in partnership with multilateral development banks, non-governmental organizations, and community organizations would stabilize incomes and consumption by individuals and families.

The creation of the Inter-American Commission on Social Development came out of the Inter-American Program to Combat Poverty. The program is seen as a valuable way to stimulate dialogue on poverty reduction and help achieve the goals of both the ICSD and the IPCP.