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Frequent Questions

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1-How can my ministry request horizontal cooperation through KSAN-CONARED?

Formal requests for assistance can be directed in many ways. First, your ministry may make a posting in the KSAN-CONARED Virtual Forum that describes the type of program (for example, rural secondary access issues and teacher retention), or the exact program that you would like to get to know (for example, Colombia's Post-Primary Rural) and possibly transfer. Another way to request cooperation is to send a formal letter or email to udse@oas.org with the abovementioned information.

2-How can my ministry submit a consolidated program as a practice to share with other countries and regions?

The Portfolio of Consolidated Programs forms much of the basis for KSAN-CONARED activities and includes programs that match criteria established by the countries and the UDSE. If a ministry would like to submit a program to the UDSE for consideration to be systematizated and then offered for horizontal cooperation, that country must agree to: 1) opening up the program for analysis by the UDSE technical staff, and 2) a ministerial commitment to provide all the necessary staff, materials and space for a knowledge construction seminar. For further information contact the UDSE directly at udse@oas.org

3- If I represent a civil society organization, how can I cooperate with the countries and participate in the activities of the OAS priority areas?

The Heads of State, Government and Ministers of Education, Culture, Labor and Social Development have requested a better coordination with civil society's actors. To that end, UDSE invites all interested organizations to register in the UDSE's Civil Society Forum, to present their registration request to the Summit office of the OAS and contact UDSE to explore possibilities for collaboration.

4-How can my organization cooperate with the countries and civil society in priority areas?

The Heads of State and the Ministers of Education, Labor, Culture and Social Development have called for more coordination among organizations. To that end, the UDSE-OAS invites all interested organizations to sign up for the Forum, register with the Summit office of the OAS as a partner organization and contact the UDSE area specialists or consultants to explore collaborative possibilities.

5- How can my ministry, Permanent Mission to the OAS or organization, participate in the virtual discussion forums?

If you belong to a national ministry of an OAS member state, or to a Permanent Mission to the OAS, you can access all the four virtual discussion forums offered by UDSE in each one of the thematic areas. If you haven't received a user name and password to participate in them, or have forgotten your password, you need only to send an e-mail to udse@aos.org requesting the access to the forum of your area of specialization. We will promptly send you all the information you will need to participate in these forums.

If you belong to a civil society organization, you can participate in the forum Civil Society's Dialogue and Consultation. As previously explained, if you haven't received a user name and password, e-mail udse@oas.org in order to be able to participate in the forum..

6-Where can I learn about internships with the Unit for Social Development and Education or professional opportunities?

The UDSE accepts interns on a rolling basis for all four of the areas under its purview. Candidates who wish to be considered should fill out the OAS application form on the main OAS web page www.oas.org , send a copy to the Human Resources Office and another one to UDSE. Candidates should also submit a letter explaining their reasoning for becoming an intern at UDSE and describe how they see the experience in the context of their own goals and professional objectives as well as their commitments to social justice. Other professional opportunities, like research associates and technical consultants do arise from time to time and will be posted on our website.

7-What steps I need to take if I want to publish or retrieve and article from La Educacion ?

Contact the Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development, the OAS Development Organization at http://www.iacd.oas.org/template-spanish/laeducacion.htm

8-How do I access the Educational Portal of the Americas?


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