About the Department


The Department against Transnational Organized Crime (DTOC) was created by the Secretary General as part of the restructuring of the Secretariat for Multidimensional Security (AG / RES. 2876 (XLV-O / 15), "Modernization and Reorganization of the General Secretariat in accordance with the Strategic Vision of the Organization and Strengthening of the Inter-American System "), through Executive Order No. 16-01 Rev.1 of July 19, 2016.

The DTOC's purpose is to coordinate all efforts of the General Secretariat to strengthen institutional capacities and public policies to confront and respond to the diverse manifestations of transnational organized crime, including money laudering, illicit drug trafficking, the related contraband, the trafficking of firearms, ammunition, explosives and related materials; the traffic of cultural goods, trafficking in persons, the illicit traffic of migrants by land, sea and air; and cybercrime.

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