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II Summit of the Americas

V Summit of Port Spain, 2009

IV Summit of Mar del Plata, 2005

Special Summit of Monterrey, 2004

III Summit of Quebec, 2001

II Summit of Santiago, 1998
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I Summit of Miami, 1994

Santiago de Chile, April 18 - 19, 1998

In the Plan of Action from the Second Summit of the Americas in Santiago, Chile, the Heads of State of the hemisphere underscored the importance of a workforce that is trained, educated, and qualified to work productively within the changing global economy. Increasing worker preparedness and enhancing education is essential to improving the quality of life for the hemisphere's people. The economies of the Western Hemisphere are not exempt from the processes of modernization currently confronting the world's economy at large. The challenges posed by modernization are numerous and include the adoption of new technologies, workforce training, formal education, and the development of entrepreneurial skills.

More specifically, representatives of the governments in attendance agreed to:

  • Improve programs developed by the Ministries of Labor and ensure that these are of the highest quality in order to benefit both workers and employers.
  • Incorporate new technologies, promote active labor policies, gather better and more appropriate information on labor markets, and improve conditions of health and safety in the workplace.
  • Pay special attention to the incorporation into the workforce of vulnerable groups including women, minorities, youth, and the disabled.
  • Strengthen efforts to deal with the problem of child labor
  • Solicit the participation of the International Organization of Labor, The Inter-American Development Bank, and the Organization of American States to assist the Ministers of Labor in their international activities including the exchange of information on methods and strategies for modernization.