Inter-American Committee for Sustainable Development - CIDS

Inter-American Committee for Sustainable Development (CIDS)

The purpose of the Committee is to promote inter-American dialogue and cooperation in the area of sustainable development, propose the formulation of the policy of the Organization of American States (OAS) on this issue, and promote the development and execution of the Inter-American Program for Sustainable Development, as well as orient the coordination and follow-up of the various decisions of the Summit of the Americas on Sustainable Development, held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in 1996, and other Summits of the Americas.

The CIDS is composed of a high-level representative from each member state, and of those delegates, advisors, or experts that each country deems appropriate.shall be composed of representatives designated by the highest national education authorities of the member states. At each regular meeting, the Committee shall elect a Chair and two Vice Chairs, who shall hold office until the next regular meeting. The elections shall be decided by the majority vote of the member states. The Department of Sustainable Development of the OAS serves as the CIDS Technical Secretariat.

For more information we invite you to consult the Rules of Procedure of CIDS.

CIDS Authorities.  (Elected at the CIDS Fourth regular meeting, held at the OAS headquarters in October of 2014)

    Chair:  Honduras
    Vice Chairs:  Barbados, Argentina

Meetings of the Inter-American Committee for Sustainable Development

  • First Special Meeting
    San Jose, Costa Rica, August 26-28, 2015
    OAS Headquarters, Washington, DC - June 29-30, 2015
  • IV Regular Meeting
    OAS Headquarters, Washington, DC - October 2014
  • III Regular Meeting
    OAS Headquarters, Washington, DC - February 2002
  • II Regular Meeting
    - October 1999
  • I Regular Meeting