Welcome to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)
Individual Petition System Portal

This Portal is part of the Commission's integrated document management system relating to petitions and requests for precautionary measures, and is a tool for transmission of information. Through the Portal the parties will be able to submit communications and annexes, see documents issued by the Commission and consult the status of their matters.

If you send documents to the Commission through this Portal you do not need to send them by any other means, unless you have specifically been asked to do so.

To access the Portal you must be registered in the system with a single email address and password containing at least eight characters. If you are not already registered, please do so HERE.


• The procedures before the Commission are free of charge.
• Only one email address and one password per petitioning organization or individual can be registered. Only representatives, petitioners and/or alleged victims who have been registered in the Portal as users as well as registered as petitioners in the presentation of the petition or request for precautionary measures, will have access to the Portal.
• The session will expire after 20 minutes of inactivity. If there is no activity for 20 minutes, a message will appear informing you that the session has expired and it will automatically close. If a session closes due to inactivity, you must log in again with your user name and password. Users are strongly urged to save the information in their petition or request for precautionary measures form periodically while completing it, as any information that was not saved will be lost.
• The procedural steps that appear in the Portal do not constitute all the proceedings before the IACHR. In this regard, the IACHR is currently reviewing the remaining proceedings, with the aim of making them visible in the next stages of implementation of the Portal.
• This Portal will only display the documents sent by the IACHR after the Portal’s commencement.
• In order to facilitate and expedite processes, the IACHR requests that users send all documents in digital format, through the Portal, so that they may be displayed through this tool. The documents received by other means, such as email, fax or mail, will not be visible in the Portal for the moment.

This Portal offers several advantages:

• It is a secure site.
• Contact information can be updated as needed.
• Users can access a record of the petitions and precautionary measures they have lodged with the IACHR, which can be searched and sorted by date received, country or name of alleged victim.
• The petitioner can begin to fill in the petition or request for precautionary measures form, save it, and continue to fill it out later before sending it to the IACHR. Until the petitioner chooses to send the form to the IACHR, only he/she will be able to see it.
• Facilitates and streamlines the possibility to upload electronic documents to pending petitions and requests for precautionary measures. Review the list of digital formats processed by the IACHR.
• Its purpose is to facilitate the transmission of documents related to petitions and requests for precautionary measures.
• The parties may view the status of the petition or request for precautionary measures at any time.