Inter-American Human Rights System

Inter-American Human Rights System

Deadline to complete the course : April 1, 2023

Language : English

Mode : Virtual

Methodology : self-directed

* free of charge

Do you want to understand how the Commission works?

The MOOC on the Inter-American Human Rights System is a short course aimed at learning about the system, its main organs and its mechanisms. It combines concepts, with practical activities, videos, audios and interactive graphic material to know the system in an agile and practical way.

It has an approximate workload of 30 hours in total. It is completely self-directed, which will allow you to complete the activities at your own pace, on the days and times that best suit your personal and professional situation.

  • Methodology: self-directed. Intended for persons who are nationals of English-speaking countries.
  • Cost: Free
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: Each trainee will be able to download their certificate of approval after completing all the modules and their assessments.
  • Deadline to complete it: April1, 2023
  • Limited vacancies

To complete the course it is required to:

  • Access all modules and pages of the course.
  • Complete the proposed activities.
  • Complete entry and exit tests.
  • Complete the assessments of each module that include tests and wiki.

The course has 6 modules. To download the certificate you must complete the 6 test corresponding to each module.

We remind you that the course is conducted in asynchronous online mode, which means that you can enter at any time that is convenient for you. There is no class schedule, you just have to follow the learning itinerary. The course contents are activated as the user goes through each lesson.

Each student will be able to download their certificate of approval after viewing all the lessons and passing the evaluations with a score greater than 70%.

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