Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)

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    Immigrant Detention and Deportation Policies in the United States

    Accountability for Violations of Human Rights in the United States

    Freedom of Expression in Jamaica

    Criminal Processes against Defenders of Indigenous Peoples in Countries in the Region

    Case 12.578 - Maria Isabel Veliz Franco, Guatemala

    Military Justice and Human Rights in Mexico

    Diagnostic and Human Rights Program of the Federal District of Mexico

    Human Rights Situation in Chile

    Case 12.520 - Espejo Gómez and Others, Chile / Case 12.521 - Barraza Codoceo and Others, Chile

    Human Rights Situation in Bolivia

    National Commission of Reparation and Reconciliation in Colombia

    Rule of Law and Independence of the Judiciary in Colombia

    Allegations on Alliances between Politicians and Paramilitaries in Colombia

    Case 12.573 – Marino López y Others (Operation Genesis), Colombia

    Right to Freedom of Expression in Colombia

    Labor Freedom and Fundamental Rights of the Workers in Colombia

    Human Rights Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Colombia

    Case 12.616 – Lazinho Brambilla da Silva, Brazil

    Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil

    Petition 592/07 and Precautionary Measures 110/07 – Hul´qumi´num Treaty Group, Canada

    Freedom of Expression and Private Broadcasting in the Americas

    Democratic Institutions in Nicaragua

    Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the Maquila Workers in Honduras

    Judiciary Processes in Cases of Human Rights Violations during the Internal Armed Conflict in Peru 1980-2000

    Military Police Justice in Peru

    Case 12.651 – Minors Convicted to Life Sentences, Argentina

    Procesos judiciales sobre crímenes de lesa humanidad de la dictadura militar en Argentina

    Situation of the Persons Deprived of Liberty in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Case 12.609 – Elena Tellez Blanco, Costa Rica

    Criminal Due Process in Costa Rica

    Human Rights Situation in Venezuela

    Situation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Venezuela

    Situation of the Judiciary in Venezuela

    Case 12.668 – Leopoldo López Mendoza, Venezuela

    Situation of Human Rights Defenders in Venezuela (Private Hearing)

    Situation of Institutional Strength and Human Rights Guarantees in Venezuela (Private Hearing)

    Right to Freedom of Expression and Information in Venezuela (Private Hearing)

    Inauguration of the 134 Period of Sessions

    Press Conference at the Conclusion of the 134 Period of Sessions