Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)


Public Hearings

Inauguration of the 133 Period of Sessions

Impact of public-security policies on human rights in Mexico

Rights to the use and exploitation of natural resources and prior consultation with respect to the Cucapá indigenous people of Mexico

Complaints regarding the criminalization of human rights defenders in Guerrero, Mexico

Case 12.626 – Jessica Gonzales, United States

Border Wall in Texas, United States

Petition 1186/04 - Opario Lemoth Morris et al. (Buzos Miskitos), Honduras

Case 12.546 – Juan Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán, Guatemala

Case 12.590 – José Miguel Gudiel Álvarez et al. (Diario Militar), Guatemala

Attacks on actors in the justice system in Guatemala

Protection of human rights defenders in Guatemala

Ineffectiveness of labor justice for agricultural workers in Guatemala

Follow-up to complaints regarding extrajudicial executions/ Actions in response to murders of protected persons in Colombia

Extraditions of paramilitaries and the rights of victims in Colombia

Rule of law, judicial independence, and democracy in Colombia

Case 11.227 – Unión Patriótica, Colombia (Testimony and comments)

Discrimination and violence against women as a result of the armed conflict in Colombia

Freedom of expression in Peru

Human rights situation in Bolivia (on the Commission’s initiative)

Due process and disciplinary actions against judges in Honduras

Reports of arbitrary detentions and torture in prisons in Honduras

Situation of labor justice in El Salvador

Precautionary measure 629-03 – Justice and Peace Commission, Colombia

Case 12.251 – Village of La Esperanza (Carmen de Viboral), Colombia

Racial discrimination and access to justice of Afro-descendants in Colombia

Discrimination on the base of Gender, Race and Sexual Orientation in the Americas


Case 11.157 - Gladys Carol Espinoza González, Perú

Case 12.569 – Quilombolas communities of Alcántara, Brazil

Case 12.479 – José Airton Honorato et al. (Castelinho), Brasil

Amnesty Law as obstacle to justice in Brazil

Case 12.277 – Fazenda Ubá, Brazil

Freedom of expression and political rights in Nicaragua

Prison conditions of persons deprived of liberty on Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast

Barriers to equal access to justice in Latin America


Case 12.519 – Leopoldo García Lucero, Chile

Case 12.624 – Carlos Baraona Bray, Chile

Case 12.053 – Maya communities of the Toledo District, Belize

Situation of violence and discrimination against women in Haiti

The justice system and impunity in Haiti

Situation of persons deprived of liberty in prisons and mental hospitals in Argentina

PM 259/02 - Detainees at the Guantánamo Naval Base/ PM 211/08 - Djamel Ameziane, United States

Due process problems in the application of policies on immigrant detention and deportation in the United States

Situation of children deprived of liberty in Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay

Case 12.361 and Petitions 1368/04, 16/05, 678/06, 1191/06 – In vitro fertilization, Costa Rica

Situation of imprisoned union members in Cuba

Risks and vulnerabilities affecting defenders of women’s rights in the Americas

Principles and regulatory best practices of radio broadcasters

Right to private property of indigenous peoples of Panama

Case 12.581 - Jesús Vélez Loor, Panama

Violations of economic, social, and cultural rights of indigenous peoples and access to justice in Honduras and Nicaragua

Persons with HIV in Central America

Citizen security and violence in Venezuela

Precautionary Measures and Petition 592/07 - Hul´qumi´num Treaty Group, Canada

Situation of Human Rights Defenders and Institutions and Human Rights Guarantees in Venezuela (Private Hearing)

Situation of the Right to Freedom of Expression and Information in Venezuela (Private Hearing)

Press Conference at the Conclusion of the 133 Period of Sessions