Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)

Public Hearings

Situation of Domestic Employees of Diplomatic and International Staff

Allegations of Acts of Torture by the Police against Afro-descendents in Chicago, US

Human Rights Situation in Haiti

Situation of the Right to Freedom of Expression in Panama

Right of Women to Access Health Services

Situation of Human Rights Defenders



Situation of Labor Rights in Cuba

Situation of the Administration of Justice in Nicaragua

Citizen Security in the Region


Follow-up on Recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Peru

Petition 554/04 - John Doe et al., Canada

Follow-up to Report 29/92 - Law of Expiration of the Punitive Power of the State), Uruguay

Petition 997/03 - Alicia Barbani, María del Huerto Breccia, et al. (Depositors of the Banco de Montevideo), Uruguay

Petition 1109/04 - Jorge, José y Dante Peirano, Uruguay

Petition 1231/04 - Inmates at the Mendoza Penitentiary, Argentina

Case 12.094 - Aboriginal Community of Lhaka Honhat ("Our Land"), Argentina

Case 11.564 - Gilberto Jiménez Hernández et al. (La Grandeza), Mexico

Case 12.477 - Lorenzo Enrique Copello Castillo et al., Cuba

Human Rights Situation in Colombia

Case 12.443 - Sonia Arce Esparza, Chile

Human Rights Situation in Chile

Petition P703/05 - Precautionary Measure 134/05 - Mark Teeluck, Trinidad & Tobago

Petitions 866/03- Wimar Alfredo Muñoz; 1142/04-Freddy Alvarez Munera; 1143/04-John Wilmar Ayala Munera and 1146/04-Weimar Zea Rojas, Colombia

Case 11.999 - Medardo Ducuara Leyton, Colombia

Case 12.491 - Gustavo Sastoque Alfonso, Colombia

Precautionary Measure 792/04 - 108 Inmates in the Maximum Security Prison of Palo Gordo, Girón, Colombia

Petition 906/03 - Garifuna Community of "Triunfo de la Cruz", Honduras

Precautionary Measure 265/02 - Embera Chami Indigenous People, Colombia

Precautionary Measure 01/00 - Hollman Morris and Family, Colombia

Situation of street children in Paraguay

Follow-up to Case 11.481 - Monsignor Oscar Romero, El Salvador

Precautionary Measure 259/02 - Detainees in the Guantanamo Bay Military Base, United States

Human Rights Situation in Nicaragua

Human Rights Situation of the Indigenous and Peasant Population in Bolivia

Implementation of Affirmative Action Policies in Brazil

Situation of Haitian and Dominican-Haitian Communities in Dominican Republic

Situation of Human Rights Defenders in Venezuela

Human Rights Situation in Ecuador

Case 12.465 - The Kichwa Peoples of the Sarayaku Community, Ecuador

Human Rights Situation in Para, Brazil

Situation of the Administration of Justice in Venezuela

Situation of the Right to Freedom of Expression in Venezuela

Petition 270/02 - César Alberto Mendoza, Argentina

Situation of Children who Dissapeared during the Armed Conflict in El Salvador

Human Rights Situation in Haiti