Department for Effective Public Management - Municipal Management Modernization

Municipal Management Modernization

The Modernization of Municipal Management aims at supporting municipalities of Member States of the Organization to strengthen their capacity to respond to local demands and thus strengthening democratic governance in the Americas.

To achieve this objective, the DEPM works in the following areas

The website is also a reservoir of resources for authorities, policy makers, researchers, academics, and persons interested in local government in general to consult and be informed on the activities of the Department for Effective Public Management in Local Government issue.

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Seminars on Municipal Management Modernization

You can access all the information related to the International Seminar on Municipal Management Modernization held on May 30-31 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

You also can give us your opinion on how the II International Seminar on Management Modernization Municipal, to be held in 2014, should be organized.

Smart Cities

What are smart cities? We are working with employees who implement public policies and international consultants for Document: Smart Cities: Challenges and Experiences in the Americas.

Here we will focus on four main areas: Smart Government, Energy and Environment, Technology and Innovation and Mobility and urban planning.

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If you have ideas, suggestions or want to share an experience to make your city a smart city, send them to [email protected]


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