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     Pedro Ruz Gutierrez


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      1889 F St N.W. GSB-TL-60

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The Office of the Inspector General is responsible for exercising the functions of financial, administrative, and operational auditing, for the purpose of determining the level to which the General Secretariat achieves the objectives of diverse programs and the efficiency and economy with which resources are used, as well as issuing recommendations to improve management of the General Secretariat.

To achieve the aforementioned purpose, the Inspector General establishes appropriate internal auditing procedures that reflect international best practices, to verify compliance with the standards and regulations in force, through critical, systematic, and impartial examination of official transactions and operational procedures related to the resources administered by the General Secretariat.

The Inspector General enjoys the necessary independence to report to the Permanent Council on the overall efficacy of the functions of the Office of the Inspector General.

The mandate of the Office of the Inspector General can be found in Chapter VIII (Control and Evaluation of Financial and Budgetary Management) and Chapter IX (Advisory Services, Auditing, And Fiscal Control) of the General Standards to Govern the Operations of the General Secretariat; and Executive Order No. 95-05, dated May 8, 1995. The recommendations issued by the Inspector General in audit, inspections, and investigations reports are mandatory for the staff members of the General Secretariat, after they are approved by the Secretary General.