Agenda and strategic projects


To be the leading specialized entity in the regional promotion and protection of ESCER, promoting the integrality of human rights, with an emphasis on structural causes of inequality and on populations in situations of vulnerability or historical discrimination.


Support the IACHR in fulfilling its mandate for the Promotion and Protection of ESCER in the American continent through the development and implementation of standards in order to safeguard human dignity and contribute to the defense of the environment.

Rights and Issues

The Office of the Special Rapporteur on Economic, Social, Cultural, and Environmental Rights mainly addresses the following rights and issues in relation to its tasks of articulating all the mandates, functions, and mechanisms of the IACHR for the promotion and protection of ESCER in the Americas:

  • Poverty and inequality
  • Right to Water and Sanitation
  • Right to Food
  • Right to health
  • Labor rights
  • Trade Union Rights
  • Human rights and business
  • Right to a Healthy Environment: Climate Change
  • Education rights
  • Right to housing
  • Right to Care
  • The right to social security
  • Cultural Rights

The ESCER Special Rapporteur and its strategic agenda are articulated with the 2030 Agenda to meet its objectives.

The Special Rapporteur on Economic, Social, Cultural, and Environmental Rights (SRESCER) works around all the pillars of the Commission's mandate on all ESCER rights and issues. In this sense, SRESCER's main missions are: to develop inter-American standards on ESCER, monitor the situation of ESCER in the region, provide technical assistance to countries on mandate issues, and strengthen institutional relations with other relevant actors for development. of your mission.

SRESCER works through the application of an approach of indivisibility, progressivity, gender, diversity, and intersectionality, development and human rights (Agenda 2030), interdisciplinarity, Human Rights education, and anti-corruption.

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