Freedom of Expression



Aggression and threats


186.  On October 18, 2002, the Special Rapporteurship received information that journalist Daniel Cancela from the program “Subrayado,” Channel 10, had received death threats. According to the information, these threats were the result of several interviews about corruption in the prison administration that resulted in actions brought against three high-ranking officials of the prison system.  In addition, the judge in the case, Pablo Egurebm, the police officer in charge of the investigation, Luisa Scelza, and two prisoners that acted as witnesses, were also threatened. One of the witnesses was physically attacked.[i]   


Positive development


187.  On October 2002, the House of Representatives passed by a majority a bill on access to information and “habeas data,” by which all citizens are entitled, without the need of a judicial order, to the right to access to all the documents of the State and to receive and disseminate information.  The proposal has to further continue its process in the Senate. 

[i]Periodistas Frente a la Corrupción (PFC) and Asociación de Prensa Uruguaya, October 18, 2002.