Freedom of Expression

Annual Reports

The Office of the Special Rapporteur is mandated to prepare an annual report which reflect the activities of the previous year; systematize best practices and detail the greatest challenges faced in each State of the Americas, prepare theoretical reports regarding new or problematic issues for which sufficient or adequate standards do not exist, disseminate Inter American doctrine and jurisprudence as well as from other latitudes on the topic, and finally, to make a series of recommendations to States.

Complete Reports

  • 2017    ms word format pdf format
  • 2016    ms word format pdf format
  • 2015    ms word format pdf format
  • 2014    ms word format pdf format
  • 2013    ms word format pdf format
  • 2012    ms word format pdf format
  • 2011   html format ms word format pdf format
  • 2010   html format ms word format pdf format
  • 2009   html format ms word formatpdf format
  • 2008   html format ms word formatpdf format
  • 2007   html format ms word formatpdf format
  • 2006   html format ms word formatpdf format
  • 2005   html format ms word formatpdf format
  • 2004   html format pdf format
  • 2003   html format pdf format
  • 2002   html format pdf format
  • 2001   html format pdf format
  • 2000   html format pdf format
  • 1999   html format pdf format
  • 1998   html format pdf format