Freedom of Expression


The Office of the Special Rapporteur seeks interns to do research on freedom of expression in the Americas. Law students or graduate students in the International Studies, Latin-American Studies, or other related fields, are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must have an excellent level of written and spoken Spanish and an interest for the human rights or freedom of expression. A good level of English, French or Portuguese is a plus.

Internships at the Office of the Special Rapporteur are unpaid. According to the needs of the student and the requirements of the university, credits could be arranged        

The IACHR internship program offers three sessions per year and has established a minimum duration of two months and a maximum of four months.  However, longer or shorter periods can be considered, with founded reasons, if applicable. Please check the deadlines to apply at:


Application Period

Internship period

April 21 to June 1, 2014

  September 11 to December 5, 2014


The IACHR is not responsible for visa issues.  If you are accepted into the internship program, you will receive an official letter that will aid you in the visa application process.


Interested applicants should apply via the OAS Internship Program web page where an electronic application is accessible during application periods only (which are indicated in the above table): In this electronic application please be sure to indicate your interest in the OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR FOR FREEDOM OF EXPRESION (OR FREDOM OF EXPRESION ISSUES). Additionally, please inform the Rapporteurship  of your application submitted via the OAS page, preferably by sending a copy of your documents already uploaded electronically in the OAS system, via email to [email protected].


 If for any reason you are not able to complete the OAS online application process, please send the following required documents to the IACHR at [email protected]:


1.  A cover letter requesting the internship, specifying the start and ending dates. The internships of the Special Rapporteur for Fredom of Expression are full-time (40 hours per week) unless reasons can be provided to establish a part-time internship, for which the minimum number of hours is 20 per week.

2.   Complete enclosed form. (APPLICATION FORM)

3.   Two letters of recommendation: one from a professor in your major and the other from an employer or another professor.

4.   Copy of university transcript.


For additional information email us at [email protected].