• A. Origin, legal bases, structure, purposes and mandates
  • B. Status of ratification of inter-American instruments
  • C. Progress achieved
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  • A. Election of the Executive Secretariat
  • B. Financial crisis and efforts to address it
  • C. Periods of sessions of the Inter-American Commission held in 2015
  • D. Activities of the Inter-American Commission in connection to the Inter-American Court
  • E. Section of Friendly Settlements and Follow-up
  • F. Activities of the IACHR in relation to the Political Organs of the OAS
  • G. Activities of the IACHR with the regional and universal human rights organs
  • H. Human Rights Promotion Activities
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  • A. Introduction
  • B. Statistics
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  • C.2. Petitions and cases

- Petitions declared admissible

- Petitions declared inadmissible

- Friendly Settlements

- Reports on the Merits

- Archival decisions

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  • C.1. Precautionary measures granted
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  • D. Status of compliance with the recommendations of the IACHR
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  • A. Activities of the Rapporteurships
  • B. Thematic reports adopted by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
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A. Overview of the human rights situation in the hemisphere

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  • B. Countries


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Dominican Republic

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  • A. Structure and Personnel of the IACHR
  • B. Staff Training
  • C. Financial resources and budget execution
  • D. Resource Mobilization and Project Management
  • E. Technology Advances
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Report of the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression

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Doc. 22
15 marzo 2017
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