• A. Origin, legal bases, structure, purposes and mandates
  • B. Status of ratification of inter-American instruments
  • C. Progress achieved
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  • A. The Inter-American Commission's Periods of Sessions held in 2013
  • B. Visits
  • C. Activities of the Inter-American Commission in connection to the Inter-American Court
  • D. Forty-Third regular session of the General Assembly of the OAS
  • E. Activities of the IACHR with other national and international human rights Mechanisms
  • F. Other activities
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  • A. Introduction
  • B. Statistics
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Precautionary measures granted in 2013

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Petitions declared admissible

Petitions declared inadmissible

Friendly Settlements

Reports on the Merits

Archival decisions

  • C. Petitions and cases before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

  • D. Status of compliance with the recommendations of the IACHR
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  • A. Thematic and Country Reports
  • B. Thematic and country reports
  • C. Promotional activities
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  • Introduction
  • A. Overview of the Human Rights Situation in the Hemisphere
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  • B. Countries


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  • A. Structure and personnel of the IACHR
  • B. Financial resources and budget execution
  • C. Administrative advances
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The Right to Truth in the Americas

Missing and Murdered Indegenous Women in British Columbia, Canada

Annual Report of the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression 2014


Considerations related to the ratification of the American Convention and other inter-American human rights treaties

Approved by the Commission, pending publication