Unit on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

During the 146th regular session, held from October 29 to November 16, 2012, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, in accordance with its commitment to strengthen its work to protect and promote economic, social, and cultural rights, and in response to suggestions made by the States and by civil society, decided to create a Unit on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, led by Commissioner Rose-Marie Antoine.

Through this Unit, the IACHR will continue its collaborative efforts with the OAS Working Group on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights. The Commission's representative on the Working Group is Commissioner Rose-Marie Antoine. During the 146th session, the IACHR also designated Commissioner Rosa María Ortiz as alternate representative to the OAS Working Group.

The Unit on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has the mandate to cooperate with the analysis and evaluation of the situation of these rights in the Americas, provide advice to the IACHR in the proceedings of individual petitions, cases and requests of precautionary and provisional measures which address these rights, undertake working visits to the OAS Member States and prepare studies and publications.

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