Registering for the 40th MOAS for High Schools (Nov. 17-19, 2021)

Participants in the MOAS attend as representatives of their academic institutions. Consequently, an authority from each academic institution must prepare a letter to be sent along with the registration form. The letter must include information about the Faculty Advisor and the students that will comprise that institution’s delegation.  Sample of letter. To download the registration form, you need to click here. Please download and fill out the registration form electronically. The form must be typed. Then, send it to no later than October 1st, 2021. It is not mandatory to have a defined list of delegation members at the moment of registration.  The deadline for registration is October 1st, 2021. However, the registration process may end earlier if the 34 OAS Member States has already been assigned prior to that date.  Payments can be processed by check (if your school is in the US) or through bank transfer (for schools outside the US as OAS National Offices are closed). Payments received after all places have been filled will be returned. Convocation letter | Registration to-do list | FAQ  


Form a delegation:
A delegation may be composed of 6 delegates (3 head delegates and 3 alternate delegates) and one faculty advisor. Each delegation represents one of the 34 OAS Member States. Schools are allowed to bring an additional delegation. Faculty Advisors select the students that will comprise the delegation/s, with enough time in advance to allow proper preparation for the Model.  Students enrolled in academic areas related to Inter-American affairs or similar, and those who may benefit from participating in the MOAS are usually selected by their school authorities/Faculty Advisors.


Registration fee:
- The Model will be held virtually, the participation fee per delegation is US$575 plus $25 dollars for transfer fees (in case of bank transfers).
Payment methods can be: check (for schools in the US) or ACH transfer  (direct deposit) (for school accounts in the USA).  Wire transfer (for schools outside the US).
Please add the following information to your payment:
RECIPIENT AREA: MOAS COORDINATION-Office of the Assistant Secretary General

If paying by check, pay to the order of:
Model OAS General Assembly
And mail your check to the address below and include the following information:
To: Organization of American States (OAS)
Attn: Department of Financial Services
Cashier room #423 4th Floor
Address: 1889 F. Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006, USA.



28th MOAS for High Schools Country assignment:
As soon as registration information and fee are received, the MOAS Coordinator informs high school authorities/faculty advisors of their respective country assignments.  Each of the 34 OAS Member States is represented by a delegation of 6 students.  Countries are assigned by the MOAS Coordinator in a geographical rotational manner; therefore, if a school/university represented a South American country one year, the next year it will represent a Caribbean, Central American or North American country.  Delegations participating for the first time may attend the Model representing any of the Permanent Observer countries at the OAS. Since this will be a virtual Model, this option may not be provided this time.


Code of Conduct:
The Model OAS General Assembly (MOAS) seeks to promote a strong sense of scholarship and leadership, as well as a commitment to the principles of honesty, fairness, respect and accountability. Participants shall commit to uphold these principles in all MOAS activities, and to promote a culture of integrity and respect for diversity.  The MOAS Code of Conduct  must be signed by both the advisor(s) and the students. It is included on the online registration form. It needs to be printed, signed and uploaded in the registration form.


28th MOAS for High Schools Logistics, visa and other requirements:(This MODEL will be virtual)
Coordinate all budgetary aspects and logistics necessary for participation (travel insurance, airfare, hotel reservations, transportation, meals, appropriate clothing (according to the Code of Conduct), etc. If a visa is required to enter into the United States, an email must be sent to the MOAS Coordinator asking for a letter certifying the school’s participation in the Model to be presented at the US Consulate. 

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