Commission interaméricaine des droits de l'homme (CIDH)

    Audiences publiques

    Human Rights Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Cauca

    Human Rights Situation in Chile

    Petition 1/06 - Nicaragua vs. Costa Rica

    Petition 957/05 - Association of Former Public Employees of the Peruvian Social Security Institute

    Case 12.290 - Jorge Mufarech Nemy, Peru

    Follow-up on Recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Peru

    National Human Rights Plan of Peru

    Case 12.484 - Persons living with HIV-AIDS in Guatemala

    Process of establishing a National Commission for the Search for Disappeared Persons in Guatemala

    Situation of Adolescents and Violence in Guatemala

    General Situation of the Rights of Indigenous Women in the Americas (Argentina, Colombia, Canada, and Mexico)


    Human Rights Situation in Venezuela. (At the request of the State)

    Situation of the Right to Freedom of Expression in Venezuela

    General Situation of Institutionality and Guarantees in Venezuela

    Situation of Human Rights Defenders in Venezuela

    Slave Labor in Brazil

    Case 12.428 - Explosion in a fireworks factory in which 64 employees died, Brazil

    Case 12.054 - María Salvador Chiriboga and others, Ecuador

    Case 11.438 - Jorge E. Herrera Espinoza et al., Ecuador

    Case 12.512 - Hossein Alikhani, United States

    Situation of Children Living in Safe Houses in Jamaica

    General Situation of Women in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. (At the request of the State)

    Human Rights Situation in Oaxaca, México

    Performance of the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Past Social and Political Movements (FEMOSSP), Mexico

    Agrarian Policy and Indigenous Rights in Chiapas, Mexico

    Petition 1045/05 - Braulio Paredes Núñez, Mexico

    Case 12.449 - Ecologists Teodoro Cabrera García and Rodolfo Montiel Flores, who claim that they were detained, tortured, and imprisoned, Mexico

    Situation of Violence against Women in Dominican Republic



    Petition 238/06 - Orlando Valencia, Colombia

    Case 11.227 - Unión Patriótica, Colombia

    Case 12.541 - Omar Zuñiga Vásquez, Colombia

    Situation of Women Deprived of Liberty in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay


    Human Rights and Legal Framework on Pacific Protests in the Americas


    Situation of the Rights of Children in Uruguay

    Case 12.494 - Serapio Cristian Contreras, Gregoria Herminia Contreras and Julia Inés Contreras, El Salvador

    Case 12.553 - José, Jorge and Dante Peirano Basso, Uruguay

    Case 11.758 - Rodolfo Correa Belisle, Argentina

    Case 12.204 - Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA), Argentina

    Case 12.435 - Grand Chief Michael Mitchell, Canada

    Human Rights Situation in Cuba