Administrative Technician - G06

Grade: G06
Type of Appointment: Series A - Short Term
Duration of Contract: 12 months
Secretary/Department/Off.: The Exec. Secretariat of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Announcement Number: EO/51/23
Duty Station: US - Washington D.C.
Job Family: General Services
Job Category: General Services
Recruitment Type: External
Employment Schedule: Full time
Publication Date: 11/16/23
Closing Date: 12/7/23
# of Openings: 1

  Annual Basic Salary (net of taxes):

Basic Salary: US$55,293

 Annual Post Adjustment (net of taxes):

Post Adjustment: N/A



Duties and responsibilities:

• Apply SUSIM’s User Support Manuals and other internal protocols, procedures, and policies assuring the application of gender-sensitive and victim-centered approaches.


• Explain and inform to petitioners alleged victims, States representatives, interested third parties, and people in general, procedural, and technical concepts in a simple, clear, and appropriate language. This requires in depth knowledge of the IACHR’s regulations and procedural stages and the ability to determine what information is subject to be shared and what information remains confidential.


• As requested, attend meetings with petitioners and alleged victims to provide them with information about the procedural status of their petitions, cases, and precautionary measures before the IACHR, timeframes, and an overview of the subsequent stages.


• Acts as first tier contact with victims and their representatives, civil society organizations, human rights defenders, and properly document and channel their inquiries. Build rapport with them, supporting, reassuring, and proving accurate information throughout the interaction and further communications. She or he, must maintain the consistency and homogeneity of the information provided.


• Develop and maintain a positive, empathetic, and professional disposition towards users’ inquiries and concerns during all points of engagement. Maintain professionalism with difficult users in a fast-paced environment.


• Escalate complex and high-profile issues to the Coordinator of the SUSIM, ensuring smooth handover and timely resolution.


• Promptly respond to customer inquiries via email, phone, and in person. Administer detailed communication with users, while maintaining a high level of service using active listening and communication.


• Identify problems and proactively communicate with supervisor to develop and evaluate options, implement solutions, or suggest a course of action.


• Provide assistance concerning of an array of different matters such as best practices to expedite the processing of a petition or precautionary measure before the IACHR, how to file a petition or a precautionary measure before the IACHR, to fill forms in the Individual Petition System Portal (IPSP) and the Period of Session Platform, among others.


• Provide inputs to update internal documents and external FAQ Guides and contribute to content creation for other material to be published.


• Participate in the design, creation, and implementation of new approaches, strategies, and measures to enhance the users’ experience and the image of the IACHR.


• Conduct information gathering activities, including interviews with victims and petitioners, and the collection and tabulation of the data obtained.


• Review and analyze files concerning petitions and cases at the stages of initial review, admissibility and/or merits and precautionary measures to provide (according to the user support protocol) updated information to the parties.


• Participate in meetings with users to inform them of the procedural status of petitions, and precautionary measures. Also respond to requests for information by e-mail and/or telephone.


• Exhibit and utilize technical expertise with respect to new and existing document management technology including GAIA system and other databases.


• Administer information into various databases and analyze the information to create annual, monthly, and periodic reports and reports on tendency or patter recognition as well.


• Upon the request of the SUSIM’s coordinator, draft memoranda analyzing or summarizing the status of a matter before the IACHR and providing recommendations to resolve inconsistencies, to expedite the process, or to implement measures to safeguard the proper development of petitions, cases, or precautionary measures considering the best interest of petitioners and alleged victims.


• Creates, organizes, and maintains adequate administrative record of any interaction with users and the following actions taken or requested.


Other responsibilities


• Review and upload documents into the corresponding petition, cases, and precautionary measures files.


• Scanning and upload the converted files to a designated network or internal system.


• Organize the storage room of the Section ensuring the efficient/proper use of the space and document preservation.


• Prepare and review financial requests against regular and external funds, ensuring that requests are within budget, obtaining clearance and approval and following up with other GS/OAS entities as appropriate, as well as originating and reviewing all correspondence involving budgetary and financial matters.


• Provide logistic support during Period of Sessions and other high-level meetings or events.


• Cooperate in other tasks as assigned by the Coordinator of the Section and perform other duties related to his/her functions including replacing and backstopping for others.




Education & Experience: 


Essential: High school or technical/commercial training and 7 years of relevant experience in administrative operations and/or secretarial work OR advanced training and 5 years of relevant experience.



Computer Skills: Ability to effectively work using Microsoft Office (e.g. Outlook, Word, and Excel) and software applicable to the area of work.





Essential – Proficient in at least two of the following languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish (read, write and communicate). Language proficiency examination will be required.


Desirable – Working knowledge of the other two languages.

Personal Competencies: Client Orientation, Knowledge Sharing, Teamwork, Interpersonal Skills. Ability to clearly communicate in the languages required for the post.


The GS/OAS embraces equality, diversity and inclusion. Thus, the GS/OAS, in accordance with its rules and regulations, is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment, achieving a diverse staff, and will take into account a wide geographic representation, as well as gender equity and equality, in the selection of candidates.

In accordance with paragraph f. of Article 44 of the General Standards, the official languages of the Organization are English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.  No candidate for a position in the General Secretariat subject to the competition requirement shall be contracted until he/she has passed language proficiency exams administered by the DHR in at least two of the official languages. Nevertheless, i) Any candidate, including staff member whose native language is one of those four languages shall only be required to demonstrate proficiency on an exam in one of the others; and (ii) Persons applying for G-1 and G-2 positions at Headquarters and G-3 driver/clerk positions in those Offices of the General Secretariat in the Member States where the language requirement unduly restricts the recruitment of otherwise qualified staff shall be exempt from this language proficiency requirement for as long as they occupy those positions. Subsequently, in order to be eligible to compete for a higher-level position, any staff member who has benefited from this exemption must demonstrate proficiency in a second official language of the Organization. (iii) A person selected as the best candidate may receive a fixed-term contract, which will be considered to have lapsed in case the person does not pass the required language examination within the 36 months following the appointment.

Please note that the mandatory retirement age for staff members at the General Secretariat of the OAS is 65 years.


- Paid Annual Leave: 21 days from 1st year.  Increase to 30 days within 5 years. 
- Sick Leave and Parental Leave.
- Health and Life Insurance: OAS pays 2/3 of premium health, 100% life
- Pension and Savings Plans: OAS contributes 14% of pensionable remuneration to a Retirement and Pension Plan. Staff contribute 7%.