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Second Preparatory Meeting of the XVIII Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML)

XVII Inter-American Conference o

: From September 18 to 20, 2013
Venue: Padilha Vidal Room (TL Floor) - OAS Headquarters
1889 F Street N.W., Washington D.C., 20006

The objective of the Second Preparatory Meeting was to negotiate the draft Declaration and Plan of Action of the XVIII IACML, consider the Final Reports of the Working Groups, and polish the Work Schedule and other preparatory business for the IACML.

The meeting was attended by 28 representatives of Ministries of Labor of the OAS Member States, workers' and employers' representatives grouped in COSATE and CEATAL, and representatives of 5 international organizations.

The discussions focused mainly on the three main themes of the next conference: articulation of economic and labor policies for the promotion of decent work and social inclusion; employment and equity; and protection of the rights of workers and promotion of social dialogue.

In preparation of this meeting, the Technical Secretariat opened from August 15 to September 10 a Virtual Forum with restricted access for Ministries of Labor and consultative bodies of the Conference to make comments on the Draft Declaration and Plan of Action of Medellín.

Documents considered and that resulted from the meeting

Draft Declaration of Medellin

Compilation of comments Virtual Forum - Declaration of Medellin

Draft Plan of Action of Medellin

Compilation of comments Virtual Forum - Plan of Action of Medellin

Final Report Working Group 1

Final Report Working Group 2


Documents of reference

Preliminary Agenda

List of Participants

Information Guide

• Rules of procedure to discuss the draft Declaration and draft Plan of Action

Responsibilities and privileges of IACML authorities - We invite all Ministries to apply to these leadership positions, authorities will be elected during the XVIII IACML.

Instructions to navigate the Virtual Forum of the XVIII IACML


Other preparatory activities of the XVIII IACML

First Preparatory Meeting
April 19th, 2013 in Nassau, The Bahamas