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X Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML) of the OAS

The tenth meeting of the Conference of Labor Ministers was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October 1995. The Declaration of Buenos Aires affirms that economic integration and commercial exchange together will stimulate economic and social development. Working in tandem, these market forces could offer tremendous possibilities for progress by helping to diminish economic and social inequalities as well as contributing to the harmonization of labor relation regimes. The above-mentioned gains from economic integration should be founded on the universally recognized principles of the International Labor Organization and further developed through the rigorous application of laws established by each country to protect workers' rights. At this meeting four working groups were established to examine and promote the objectives of the Declaration with regards to modernizing the functions of the Ministers of Labor, fostering social dialogue, developing future labor efforts, enhancing productive renewal and professional development, and examining economic integration and its effects on employment and labor market information.

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