Sound Chemicals Management

The use of chemical products is an essential element for social and economic development, but it can also undermine development if the important detrimental effects of the exposition of humans and the environment to chemicals are not considered. Some risks can be more intense in urban areas and some other risks can be intense in rural areas, but almost invariably the effects will be greater for poor communities than for the more prosperous groups of the population. The eventual socioeconomic costs and consequences of the use of toxic chemical products are important and weight inequitably on poor communities. Hence, management policy for chemical products must point to equilibrium between production and the use of chemical products, so that the social and economic development is promoted and the detrimental effects are diminished.

To respond to trade-related capacity building development needs in the area of environmental management,  the project “Supporting Trade-related Capacity Building in Environmental Management” is based on a thorough analysis and consultation process conducted by the Organization of American States, Department for Sustainable Development (OAS/DSD) and aims to address priority challenges of OAS Member States (Western Hemisphere) on trade-related capacities in environmental management for the Sound Management of Persistent Toxic Substances (PTS). The project is executed with the participation of relevant regional and multilateral organizations, working on similar issues, and in consultation with civil society and considering gender equality measures More...


Trade of Toxic Chemicals: An Overview of Central America and MERCOSUR initiatives. Vol I l Vol II l Presentation

Background on the management of obsolete pesticide stockpiles in the Caribbean.

Database on Persistent Toxic Substances for Latin America and the Caribbean

Mainstreaming of Gender Issues in the sound management of chemicals

Sites of Interest


      Agenda 21

      Stockholm Convention

      Basel Convention

      Rotterdam Convention

      National Implementation Plans

      UNEP Assesment (Central America)

      UNEP Assesment (South America)

      Global Mercury Assessment

      UNEP Chemicals' Programme

      Regional Centers for the Basel Convention





      Health and Environment Ministers of the Americas


Report. InterAgency Coordination Meeting on Sound Management of Chemicals


Workshop Report on Pesticides in Central America. (spanish) More...


Vulnerability of some Ecosystems to PCBs


Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) Preparation in LAC


Criteria for the selection of persistent toxic substances for the development of the Data Base on Persistent Toxic Substances and Heavy Metals


 Glossary of terms for the management of toxic chemicals


 Questionnaire circulated among the countries .


  3rd meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the Stockholm Convention Más…




 December 3, 2008. Washington D.C. Inter-Agency Coordination Meeting on Sound Management of Chemicals.  More...


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