Identification of oportunities to develop a regional program for the sound management of PTS. 

In Central America, the member countries of the Central American System of Integration (SICA in Spanish) are working to develop a Regional Policy on Chemical Safety, a Customs Union and the harmonization of the labeling procedures (CAUCA). The Regional Policy on Chemical Safety is being worked out by the Central American Committee for Environment and Development (CCAD), who has established a technical committee for this purpose.

Within the context of CCAD, the Central American countries are also working in a 20-year Regional Plan for the management of PCB. Both for pesticides and for PCB, the DSD has identified the initiative of CCAD also as an opportunity to develop Sound Management of Chemicals at the regional level.

At the national level there are also initiatives for SMOC. Among others, Nicaragua works in the approval of a legal reform of the Pesticides Law of 2000, as a first step towards a more comprehensive National Law of Chemical Security. Costa Rica has progressed significantly in the elimination of pesticides, and now is working in the completion of the PCB Inventory, as well as Honduras. Panama published the “National Profile to evaluate the infrastructure for the management of chemical substances” in 2005.

A workshop to discuss priority issues related to the Regional Policy on Chemical Safety is being organized by OAS, CCAD and the Ministry of Natural Resources of Nicaragua (MARENA) between the 3rd and 5th of October. Public and private sector participants will be invited, as well as international experts to address several topics: customs harmonization, legal issues, information platforms and more.

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