Strengthen environmental management systems in support of cleaner production objectives in general, and the sound management of chemicals in particular.


The Project supports the improvement of the regional management of PTS, which must be reached i) addressing the challenges in the sound management of chemicals in the agricultural and mining sectors of Latin America and the Caribbean; ii) identifying the necessities in the management of toxic and bioaccumulable chemical substances, as well as the necessities related to mercury emissions and; iii) defining the prioritary information and institutional needs.


Seven key activities will be developed during three consecutive phases of the Project.

1)      Development of an hemispheric network that includes public and private                stakeholders

2)      Development of a Preliminary Inventory of PTS for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean and the development of an on-line database;

3)       Compilation of the existent legal frameworks , management systems and institucional capacities;

4)       Identification of opportunities to develop a regional program for the sound management of PTS;

5)      Organization of sub-regional technical workshops, with the participation of different sectors and with the support of relevant international organizations and agencies

6)      Search of collaboration and exchange through outreach activities with different groups; and

7)       Development of a Regional Action Plan in support to the Sound Management of Chemicals (SMOC).







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