Actions against Terrorism

Terrorism continues to be one of, if not the, most critical threat facing both the Western Hemisphere as well as the entire global community. The OAS and its member states have, therefore, developed comprehensive policies to work together closely in order to combat the threat of terrorism in the Hemisphere. The Inter-American Convention against Terrorism seeks to prevent the financing of terrorist activities, strengthen border controls and increase cooperation among law enforcement authorities in different countries. In addition, the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism plays an important role in carrying out efforts in this field and is considered a model for other regional organizations involved in counter-terrorism.

Border Controls

Legislative Assistance and Terrorism Financing

Strengthening Strategies on Emerging Terrorist Threats

Critical Infrastructure Protection

International Cooperation and Partnerships

Inter-American Convention Against Terrorism [AG/RES. 1840 (XXXII-O/02)]
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Signatures and Ratifications of the Inter-American Convention against Terrorism


Prevent and Punish the Acts of Terrorism Taking the Forms of Crimes Against Persons and Related Extortion that are of International Significance, Convention to (A-49)

Inter-American Convention Against Terrorism (A-66)