Pre-disaster Planning for Post-disaster Recovery

In the aftermath of a disaster, there is great pressure to quickly repair damages. However, the quality of the reconstruction and rehabilitation work that takes place during this period often determines how well the same location weathers future hazard events. Time pressures and the difficulties in communication and transport in the post-disaster environment make it difficult to increase the resilience of reconstruction. Pre-disaster planning is necessary to ensure adequate materials are available following a disaster and to ensure that builders, homeowners and government agencies are aware of damage reduction measures and construction techniques that can reduce vulnerability to future hazard events.

Under this activity, plans and training materials were developed to assist in post-disaster reconstruction efforts to ensure that the reconstruction efforts result in a more hazard-resistant housing sector. The Housing Sector Recovery Plans for Antigua and Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis provide guidance and recommended action items for the respective governments, construction sectors, finance and insurance sectors, and homeowners in each nation. The Reference Guides are intended for use by the general population during disaster preparation and disaster reconstruction. The Training Outlines can be used for short courses offered on a continuous basis or immediately after a hazard event. In addition, links to hazard reconstruction manuals are provided for in-depth information on construction techniques, standards and materials.

Out of this exercise, a set of short- and medium-term recommended actions for pre-disaster planning has been developed. Implementation of these actions could reduce the disaster recovery period and could significantly increase the resilience of buildings reconstructed in the post-disaster period.

Housing Sector Recovery Plans

Reference Guides

Training Outlines

Training in hazard-resistant construction techniques is especially important in the post-disaster period, as the demand for construction assistance typically far outstrips the available supply of skilled labor. Outlines for a series of training course were developed. These courses can be offered in the immediate post-disaster period, as well as.on an on-going basis to strengthen hazard-resistant building practices.

Hazard-resistant Construction Resources


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