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NOTE: Some of the documents and laws (including Executive Orders, Administrative Memorandums, and Directives) mentioned here are in English, others in Spanish, and others in both languages.

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The Department of Legal Services ("DLS") is a dependency of the Office of the Secretary General. Its mandate is set out in Part IV of Executive Order 96-4.

DLS's purpose is to attend to the operational legal issues that arise out of the Organization's activities, its internal law, and its relationship with other entities.


  1. Charter of the Organization of American States

  2. General Standards for the Operation of the General Secretariat

  3. Staff Rules

  4. Retirement and Pension Plan and its Policies and Procedures

  5. Executive Orders

  6. Administrative Memorandums

  7. Directives

  8. Other Administrative Instruments of Interest

  9. Cooperative Relations

lgboton.jpg (5038 bytes) Legal Essays and Opinions of General
Interest written by the Department

lgboton.jpg (5038 bytes) Models and Guidelines
lgboton.jpg (5038 bytes) General Assembly
lgboton.jpg (5038 bytes) Permanent Council
lgboton.jpg (5038 bytes) Inter-American Council for Integral Development
lgboton.jpg (5038 bytes) Administrative Tribunal
lgboton.jpg (5038 bytes) Specialized Organizations