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December 30, 1999


OAS Special Representative Meets with Honduran,Nicaraguan Foreign Ministers
December 27, 1999 OAS Election Observer Mission Declares Guatemala Elections "Transparent"

December 23, 1999


OAS Coodinating inter- American Assistence to Venezuela


December 23, 1999


OAS Team Monitoring Sunday’s elections in Guatemala


December 20, 1999


Honduran, Nicaraguan Foreign Ministers To Meet with OAS Representative

December 17, 1999
Secretary General of OAS Sends Message of Solidarity in the Wake of Venezuela Floods

December 17, 1999

Canada signs agreement to host OAS Model Assembly


December 15, 1999


OAS Menber States Praise Departing Bahamian, Salvadorian Envoys

December 13, 1999

OAS Official Arrives in Venezuela for Referendum on Constitution

December 10, 1999

OAS Envoy Meets with Nicaraguan, Honduran Representatives
December 9, 1999

Panamanian Ambassador to represent OAS at swearing-in
of new argentine president

December 9, 1999

OAS Deputy Chief to Discuss Projects in Guyana

December 9, 1999

OAS Designates Special Representative to Nicaragua, Honduras

December 7, 1999

OAS Will Send Special Representative to Nicaragua, Honduras

December 7, 1999

OAS Assistant Secretary General To Visit Suriname

December 2, 1999
U.S. Announces Contribution to OAS Projects

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