Registration form to participate in the Ex-officio hearings

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is holding its 185 Ordinary Period of Sessions virtually, from October 24 to November 4, 2022.

The Commission has decided, in accordance with its Rules of Procedure, to convene civil society organizations who are interested in participating in hearings requested by the IACHR during the 185 Ordinary Period of Sessions.

The Commission will receive requests to participate in the hearings convened. In accordance with Article 66 of the Regulations of the IACHR, the applicant shall submit contact details and the purpose of their participation.

The Executive Secretariat will communicate the list of civil society organizations invited to take part in the hearings.

The Commission invites those civil society organizations that are not convened to present written documentation and information they deem to be relevant to the hearing topics.

Civil society organizations who wish to be considered must register in this system, completing the request form no later than October 11, 2022 at 11:59 pm (Washington, D.C.).

For more information please refer to Title II, Chapter VI on "Hearings before the Commission" in the Rules of Procedure of the IACHR.