Integrated Land Development - The Case of the Mabouya Valley in Saint Lucia

Table of Contents

Department of Regional Development and Environment
Executive Secretariat for Economic and Social Affairs
Washington, D.C.
June 1991

Table of Contents




1. The land problem in Saint Lucia and the formulation of an agricultural land policy

2. First step in review: the Morne Panache pilot project

3. Second step in review: a nationwide land registration and titling programme

3.1 Rationale and request for USAID proposal
3.2 LRTP design
3.3 LRTP assessment

4. The Mabouya Valley development project (MVDP)

4.1 Background and origin of the project
4.2 Resources of the Valley: land and people
4.3 The socio-technical problems: four settlements in the Valley
4.4 Exploring development alternatives

4.4.1 The Institutional Framework
4.4.2 Development Proposals

4.5 Project reassessment and the first years of tenure rationalization


Appendix A: The Morne Panache pilot project area: a socio-economic and agronomic overview

Appendix B: Morne Panache pilot project field activities: Household survey, land tenure study, parcel demarcation, and claims process

Appendix C: Saint Lucia land legislation of 1984

Appendix D: The symposium on land registration, tenure reform and land information systems: a summary of issues