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A number of specialists have participated in the Project studies and field activities undertaken in the Mabouya Valley. We especially wish to thank following persons for their contribution to the first stage of the Project: the Ministry of Agriculture staff members Fergus Lawrence (in memoriam), Anthea Joshua, George Alcee, and Julie Fevriére; the community leader Ferdinand Lawrence; and the Lands and Survey Department members Tally Matthew, Luther Goddart, and Aubrey Phillips, who worked under the direction of Horace Wason. John Philippe worked under contract with the OAS during the Project's second phase. The international team of consultants who cooperated at various times throughout the Project included Lloyd Strachan, Drexel Woodson, Martin Adams, and Andrés Necochea. The OAS Project Chief Jan Vermeiren coordinated activities with the support of Chief Agricultural Officer David Demacque, Head of Physical Planning Mervyn Williams, Director of Planning Ausbert d'Auvergne, the Parliamentary Representative Honourable Ferdinand Henry, and the Directors of Farmco Ltd. Contracted by the OAS, Kerde Severin oversaw the phase leading to Project financing. Mr. Severin later became Project manager during the implementation phase. Patrick Gomes prepared the following document in cooperation with Jan Vermeiren and editors Betty Robinson and Mark Mercready. Eduardo Rojas and Wayne Park coordinated the review and publication.

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