Strengthening the capacities of prosecutors and agents of units specialized in investigating money laundering cases allows for increased law enforcement actions against criminal organizations operating in Colombia.

This project seeks to provide tools to improve investigations, produce better financial intelligence, and properly identify, seize, forfeit, and manage illicit assets.

  • Provide tools to specialized entities that fight against organized crime and money laundering in Colombia
  • Improve investigations, produce better financial intelligence and properly identify, seize, forfeit and manage illicit assets.
  • Promote inter-institutional and international cooperation.

  • Design and development of a Strategic Plan for Investigations of Money Laundering.
  • Design and development of a manual of Patrimonial Investigations; a manual of good practices in international asset recovery; and International Judicial Cooperation.
  • Carrying out training on international cooperation, asset investigations, financial intelligence, parallel investigations and training of trainers.
  • Development of an evaluation of the availability and content of the modular training courses for Prosecutors and Investigators and definition of a baseline to design a training curriculum for the Prosecutor's Office training school.
  • Development of an evaluation regarding the recovery of assets linked to cases of public corruption.
  • Design of training curricula.
  • Development of an investigation protocol and other tools for the recovery of international assets linked to corruption cases.
  • Development of a virtual field for the PNG.

Beneficiary Countries
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John Grajales
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