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Title: Implementing highly effective teacher policy and practice : the 2015 International Summit on the Teaching Profession
Author: Council of Ministers of Education (Canada); Asia Society
Summary: This publication explores the main themes of discussion among participants at the 2015 International Summit on the Teaching Profession related to implementing effective teacher policy and practice. The Summits bring together ministers of education, teachers’ union leaders, and other education leaders from around the world. This report highlights the agreements, approaches, policies and practices employed by various countries in three interrelated topic areas: promoting and developing effective leadership, valuing teachers and strengthening their effectiveness, and encouraging innovation to create twenty-first-century learning environments.
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Publishing House: Council of Ministers of Education: Ottawa; Toronto, Ontario Canada
Year of Publication: 2015
Upload date: 2/3/2017

What transformation/reform does this initiative pursue?
Promoting and developing effective leadership; Valuing teachers and strengthening their effectiveness; Encouraging innovation to create twenty-first century learning environments.

What policy/practice has been put in place to achieve this change?
Policies and practices related to developing teacher leadership, teaching effectiveness and teacher innovation have been put in place to achieve this change.

What evidence exists to demonstrate that this intervention is having the desired result?
The results and policy practice records highlighted at the annual International Summit on the Teaching Profession relate evidence of this intervention's achievement of the desired results.

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Keywords: Teacher quality and learning outcomes, Teacher effectiveness, Educational innovation
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