Inland Erosion Hazard

Inland Erosion Hazard Assessments are complete under PGDM for Antigua, Barbuda and St. Kitts. A combined technical report (encompassing all three islands) was produced for the overall assessment. Summary reports on these hazard assessment were produced by country and maps are available for each island. [Inland Erosion Hazard Assessment Terms of Reference]

Antigua Iland Erosion Hazard Map  Barbuda Inland Erosion Hazard Map  St. Kitts Inland Erosion Hazard Map

Combined report (Antigua, Barbuda and St. Kitts): Erosion Hazard Assessment Report (MSWord 175k) | Appendices (MSWord 305k)

Antigua and Barbuda St. Kitts

USAID/OAS Post-Georges Disaster Mitigation:

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