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Tourism Security

Project Description

The program is based on the creation of a public and private sector partnership with the principal objective of giving training to personnel in tourism and recreational facilities to prevent a possible terrorist or criminal attack. CICTE works in close partnership with the OAS Tourism Department to maximize its benefits and impact and to explore ways of collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on this program.

The Tourism Security Program is divided in three main activities: 1) Two-day Stakeholder's Preparatory Meetings and workshops are held to collect relevant and precise information on vulnerabilities and challenges related to security in recipient tourist destinations, as well as identifying relevant partners and audiences for the follow-up training course. 2) A five-day Follow-up Specialized Training Courses, then provides 40 hours of training including theory lectures, practical exercises (including a table-top crisis management simulated exercise), pre and post-tests, best practices, and international standards in the various tourism security topics. 3) Finally, six months after the conclusion of the specialized training courses, a follow-up evaluation is conducted by the program manager.

The program continues to engage representatives from the OAS Tourism Department, as partners in the training activities to maximize its beneficial results and impact.