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Tourism Security

Project Description

The Tourism Security Program seeks to increase the professional and technical expertise of public and private security officials of OAS member states that depend on tourism. CICTE training activities are specifically developed for a public-private audience, and structured to encourage law enforcement and other public officials to coordinate and cooperate with private sector security managers who work in tourism and recreational facilities.

The current phase of the project aims to utilize the existing knowledge and skills of tourism security officials in locations that have benefited from the CICTE Tourism Security Program in the past to assist member states to develop tourism security and crisis management plans for an entire tourist destination, instead of just for specific facilities. The program will also continue to build capacity and expertise for tourism destinations in OAS member states which have not yet benefited from previous phases of the CICTE Tourism Security Program.

In particular, this project seeks to establish and promote a permanent mechanism of cooperation involving the OAS member states with regard to security planning and the protection of tourist destinations. It draws on the extensive experience and well established networks of CICTE and the United Nations Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI).

The project includes three types of activities:

1) Basic training courses on tourism security

2) The development of integrated tourism security plans through the establishment of public and private partnerships

3) Specialized training courses on crisis management and crime prevention


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