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Inter-American Juridical Committee - July 2014

Inter-American Juridical Committee presents recommendations to the member states on border or neighboring district integration

On March 13, 2014, during its 84th regular session, the Inter-American Juridical Committee adopted a report with “Recommendations to the States of the Americas on Border or Neighboring District Integration”, document CJI/doc.433/13 rev.1, adopted through resolution CJI/RES. 206 (LXXXIV-O/14).

This report, stemming from a mandate from the Committee itself, presents fifty-two recommendations intended to support a process of integration at borders, ports and airports with the aim of creating a "Border Integration Zone". This Zone would be organized by a coordinated mechanism composed of officials from institutions of each interested party, called the Neighborhood Commission.

At the Border Integration Zone, individuals from the interested parties would be able to move freely, access public services (including pensions and health care), obtain recognition of judgments, serve out their sentence in their country of origin, and, among other things, have a common currency.

Similarly, the authorities could coordinate actions of cooperation in the fields of communication, transportation, education (includying the establishment of educational institutions), and justice in order to permanently confront crime, terrorism, trafficking in persons, the smuggling of cultural assets and banned products, and money-laundering.

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