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July 26, 1999 Venezuelan President Receives OAS Deputy Chief in Private Meeting
July 23, 1999

At OAS, a Stirring Remembrance of Simon Bolivar, Hero of the Continent

July 21, 1999 OAS Deputy Chief Oversees Mission Observing Sunday's NAtional Asembly Elections in Venezuela
July 20, 1999 OAS to monitor elections in Venezuela
July 16, 1999 Statement of the OAS Secretary General
July 14, 1999

OAS Chief welcomes Argentine-British accord

July 13, 1999 New Paraguayan Ambassador presents credentials at OAS
July 2, 1999 OAS Officials Hail Late Antigua and Barbuda Statesment
July 1, 1999 Bahamas Ambassador to Chair Permanent Council of OAS
July 1, 1999 Women's Comission Challenged to integrate more into development process

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