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July 13, 1999



Paraguay’s new Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Diego Abente Brun, today presented credentials to Secretary General CÚsar Gaviria, stressing his country’s commitment to the principles of the inter-American system.

The Paraguayan diplomat said that given the political developments that have unfolded in his country in recent years, Paraguay appreciated the importance of the OAS especially as it concerned strengthening the democratic system. Ambassador Abente said: "My country has gone through some very tough crises and the OAS has had a crucial role throughout." He added that "We at the Mission of Paraguay to the OAS will be working very hard and with dedication to help strengthen such an important institution as the Organization of American States."

Secretary General Gaviria welcomed the new envoy and said he would continue to work with Paraguayans on efforts to bolster democracy. "I hope to continue in the years ahead with every assistance to help Paraguay continue strengthening its political system and its democracy and human rights protection," the OAS chief went on to say.

Ambassador Abente Brun holds a Doctorate in Political Sciences from the University of New Mexico in the United States and a Master’s degree from the University of Ohio. He served as a national senator from 1993 to 1999, and chaired several committees. The new Ambassador has also had a distinguished career as a university professor and has written many books and articles on his area of specialty.